UX / Product Prototyping / Development / Implementation

The Brief

To increase customer loyalty and attract more frequent flyers, the new Qantas cash program allows their customers travelling abroad an easy to use and secure gateway to top up their travel cards. Our brief was to build an informative, dynamic and functional touch screen application for their terminals that facilitated this. The application was to engage users by providing the company’s vision, value and offerings.

o Engaging and interactive display while in standby
o Simple to navigate and understand
o Allow the users to openly navigate and discover the advantages of Qantas Cash
o Engaging and memorable user experience
o Allow the user to top up via the Qantas cash portal and their respective bank
o Build trust by displaying security badges where appropriate
o Logout and clear the cache once user has finished their interaction

The Product

Qantas Cash Terminal

A fully functional touch screen application in Qantas lounge.

The Solution

Finding the right Platform

In order to complete this project successfully we had to ensure the following considerations:
o Proof of concept
o Ease of use
o Easy to deploy / Upgrade
o Ease of editing certain elements
o Ensure kiosk is locked down and other sites can’t be viewed

High level requirements had already been fleshed out by the Qantas team and they were looking to Tobacco for guidance.


Tobacco wanted to build an application that maintained Qantas’ vision and aesthetic whilst facilitating an enjoyable, intuitive and secure experience for the user across the four core functions of the application: Topping up your Qantas Cash, Activating your Qantas Cash card, checking FX Rates and finally an FAQ section. Working alongside a Houston, Tobacco provided wireframes and prototypes with UX consulting whilst Houston delivered the final designs for Tobacco to develop.

To ensure that the sensitive data being processed on the kiosk could not be compromised, Tobacco implemented visual cues highlighting that data was cleared after every interaction and would timeout with inactivity so that Qantas customers were assured that their sensitive data was safe and secure.


Qantas looked to Tobacco on which software to use and were comfortable with iOS/Android (touchscreen ease) or another platform on Tobacco’s recommendation. Due to the above considerations and the hardware options provided the decision was to develop a .NET application that allowed Tobacco to easily update and add features remotely, a cost effective method of developing. Creating a .NET application allowed Tobacco and Qantas to create a feature rich roadmap with possible applications like wake/sleep with camera movement as an example.

The Result

At Tobacco we believe that a successful project requires the best resources.
We delivered a fully functional, interactive and secure touch screen application for Qantas and their Qantas Lounge customers.

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